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Infinity Blade is the next generation of iPhone and Android games. Infinity Blades features amazing graphics and a game play experience that can compete with any computer game. In Infinity Blade, you play as a true knight in shining armor, that sets out on a journey to slay the God King, a dark titan that threatens the world’s existence. To defeat the infamous God King, you’ll have to face his evil minions and titan army.

Prove yourself in battle – Do you think you’re up for the task?

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Infinity Blade features Stunning game visuals, brilliant gaming options and comfortable touch screen controllers. This is truly an epic game for your smartphone device. Find yourself trapped in a world of chaos of mayhem, where dark titans roam the planet and destroy everything in their path…

The story begins when your father, the chosen knight who embarked on a journey to fight the God King’s and stop his tyranny, completed his quest, but suffered a defeat from the hands of the dark lord himself. As the world’s only hope you continue the quest and take on this fantasy world looking for retribution!

You know what they say about knights with long swords, right?

Use countless of attack moves and combos to kill your enemies in dozens of possible ways. Find overwhelming weapons, solve riddle and face hundreds of evil monsters and powerful titans! Use stabbing motions, swift cutting gestures, jump towards and dodge your enemies until your vengeance is complete and the God King is finally slain!

You think that’s easy? Think again! On many occasions it will be virtually impossible to run from the powerful titans that stand in your way, and you’ll have to prove yourself in battle, besides, running away isn’t a word in our dictionary is it? You’re going to have a hard task because your enemies are double your size, right? But don’t worry, you have some moves of your own, you are a knight after all…

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